Criticizing the Fakestream Media is NOT a Violation of the First Amendment

Asserting that President Trump is subverting the free press by criticizing them is an intellectually dishonest (and stupid) argument.


I’m sick of hearing that criticizing the FAKEstream media is somehow “unAmerican,” a subversion of the free press or any other dumb leftist innuendo coming from narcissistic elitists who think they’re gods.

The same outlets levying this accusation at President Trump for his repudiation of the globalist media are themselves tied to the corrupt establishment.  Lest we forget that CNN, Politico and other news “sources” colluded with Crooked Hillary Clinton to write favorable stories for her campaign according to Wikileaks.

Then, after losing the election to a populist champion against the New World Order named Donald J. Trump, these same outlets fabricated a Russian narrative to delegitimize their crushing defeat and label the incoming administration a fraud.

And I’m supposed to believe the president doesn’t have the right to fight back?

Over the last week we’ve seen Chuckie Todd and Jake Tapper, who suddenly fancy themselves as constitutional scholars, claim that Trump’s recent anti-press, press conference was a violation of the First Amendment.  Neocon war-mongering hack John McCain argued that it signaled a budding dictatorship.

Their rhetoric is hysterical and ripe with left-wing emotionalism.

What they fail to understand is when the media colludes with corrupt politicians, it does NOT count as the “fourth estate” anymore.  Rather, it is now a special interest and propaganda arm of Washington.

Furthermore, the president has endorsed no legislation whatsoever that would censor journalists or prevent them from exercising their free speech rights – therefore he’s allowed to criticize unfair and biased reporting.  In fact, it was Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail who vowed to shut down Breitbart, claiming the alternative media giant has “no right to exist “.  Where was the outrage over “press freedom” then?  Nowhere to be found.

CNN and MSNBC indoctrinate rather than inform, they are globalist collaborators, enemies of the people and enemies of this great republic.  The president does not just have the right to criticize them, he also has the right to ignore them and speak directly to the American public for the duration of his term.

It’s time to kick the FAKEstream media out of the press room so they can complete their journey into obscurity.



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